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Washington Post Plant Powered Welcome Email June 2019

Washington Post Plant Powered Welcome Email June 2019

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June 6, 2019

Plant Powered: You’re on the list!

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Plant Powered from the Washington Post

Washington, DC

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Plant Powered

[Image of noodles with cashews and broccoli]

Let’s get cooking!
Thanks for signing up for Voraciously’s Plant Powered newsletter!

We’re Sonja and Alex Overhiser, authors of the cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking and bloggers at the recipe website A Couple Cooks, and we’ll be your guides on this adventure. We fell in love, got married, and then fell in love with cooking plant-powered recipes (in that order). It’s a long story. But the punchline is this: Eventually we found that eating plant-forward recipes is utterly enjoyable and sustainable in the long term.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to put more vegetables on your plate, we’re here to help satisfy that craving.

Plant Powered is for everyone: no matter your diet or experience in the kitchen.

In this 12-week series, you’ll make incredible meals while exploring the fundamentals of cooking with plants. Because the best way we’ve found to do this is not by reading about it. It’s by actually cooking.

Sign up at any time and you’ll receive Week 1 the following Tuesday.

[Image of Co-authors Alex and Sonja Overhiser. (Credit: Alex Overhiser)]

Here’s what you can expect to arrive in your inbox each week:

  • Two main dish dinner recipes per week — one entirely plant-based (no animal products) and the other vegetarian (includes dairy and eggs).
  • Tips for easy meat or seafood additions for the flexitarians among us.
  • Recipes designed for one or two people that are easily scalable.
  • A budget-conscious weekly grocery list that includes both meals to simplify your shopping.

Now that you’re on board, we hope you’ll tell a friend (or several) to sign up and join you. Cooking is so much more fun with company. You’ll receive a new Plant Powered newsletter every Tuesday for the next 12 weeks.

Can’t wait to get cooking with you!

Email us at voraciously@washpost.com or give us a shout on Instagram at @aCoupleCooks and @eatvoraciously. Visit Voraciously.com for recipes, how-to guides, the latest food trends and much more.

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