Editorial Policy

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No AI-generated content.

Publishing AI-generated copy treats readers as if they are a commodity. I respect your attention too much to waste your time with machine-generated junk.

If it’s on here, I wrote it unless there’s a guest’s byline.

No sponsored content or affiliate links.

I work to be fair when sharing my thoughts, observations, and experiences. Being paid to promote something affects my thought process, consciously and unconsciously. Other people can compartmentalize that sponsor relationship. I don’t find it easy, so I’d rather spend my mental energy on the work.

This includes this website and the 99 Newsletter Project newsletter. Click freely!

Disclosing potential bias

I disclose when I write about any person or organization with whom I’ve had a relationship in the past 3 years, at minimum. This includes paid relationships and social relationships.

I’d rather be overly transparent with disclosures because I like being able to promote people I think are doing good work — whether they are paying me or not.

Credit: This editorial policy borrows heavily from Put This On’s editorial policy.