Newsletters, but from the inside out

Better email strategy drives reader revenue and builds trust with your audience. Let’s learn how in this newsletter about newsletters:

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What to expect in your inbox:

Breakdowns of real emails to examine how things work…
or aren’t working.

Round-ups of trends and better-than-best practices to help your newsletter stand out.

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Actionable insights to build loyal audiences — from setting the right expectations to fixing churn.

Best-in-class newsletter examples from newsrooms across the U.S.

(and counting)
States + DC
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North Dakota)

Not a journalist?
Here’s the big secret:

About 1/3 of my newsletter subscribers aren’t journalists. They work in tech, startups, nonprofits, music, podcasts, and much more.

Want to earn your audience’s trust? Or demonstrate your domain authority? Want your readers to see how you can help them?

Helping you accomplish these goals is at the core of the 99 Newsletter Project.

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