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Washington Post Plant Powered II Email May 2023

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May 9, 2023

Extremely delicious vegan recipes, incoming

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Washington, DC

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Eating your vegetables has never been this much fun.

Newsletter | Voraciously: Plant Powered II

Is there broccoli lurking in your fridge, begging for attention? Perhaps an eggplant, whispering that you’re not letting it prove its full potential?

That’s why Eat Voraciously’s Plant Powered newsletter series is BACK with 20 delicious recipes that will inspire all types of home cooks to embrace the crisper drawer with renewed excitement.

I’m Hetty Lui McKinnon, a recipe developer, food writer and five-time cookbook author, and I’ll be traveling with you on this vegetable voyage. Together, we’ll cook vegetables in a number of ways — roast, grill, pan-fry, stir-fry, steam or leave ‘em raw — and layer them with spices and condiments to keep plant-based eating intriguing and surprising.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Two vegan dinner recipes per week that are designed for weeknight cooking
  • Tips for coaxing the most flavor out of your ingredients
  • A range of easy cooking techniques that you’ll be able to replicate and riff on
  • Easy substitution suggestions to suit your tastes and pantry needs

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A little more about me: This year, I will celebrate 30 years of being a vegetarian. But I wasn’t born this way. My parents immigrated to Australia from Guangdong Province, China, and I grew up in a Chinese household, where my mother served a remarkable Cantonese banquet (with meat) every night. She cooked very traditional dishes from my family’s native Zhongshan region, but as an immigrant, she was forced to become more adventurous, and improvised often with new ingredients from her adopted home. This spirit of adaptation and invention underlines my approach to food.

Many of the dishes I create are inspired by my desire to recreate the uncompromising flavors and bold textures that I grew up with. Over the years, I have realized that eating plant-based does not mean we need to miss out on anything.

[Image of Hetty Lui McKinnon]

When developing the recipes for this newsletter, I was surprised by how little I’ve missed the dairy or eggs (which are generally still a part of my daily diet) in these dishes. I have been teetering on the cusp of becoming vegan for the last couple of years and while I have not completely crossed over yet, these recipes have shown me that no matter how we label our diets, whether we’re carnivores, herbivores or omnivores, plant-based meals are for everyone.

I promise these recipes will make your weeknight cooking more delicious and simpler. I can’t wait for you all to cook along with me (and tell your friends!), and find your own joy in these recipes.

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