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San Antonio Report Welcome Email 2022

San Antonio Report Welcome Email 2022

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February 10, 2022

Welcome to our community

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You’ve taken a step toward becoming an even more informed community member.

San Antonio, TX

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Hi Cory,

I’m Angie Mock, publisher and CEO of the San Antonio Report. By signing up for our email newsletters, you’ve taken a step toward becoming an even more informed community member.

The San Antonio Report is the city’s leading local online news source. We are nonprofit and nonpartisan, and we do not have a paywall. Our content is available at no cost to everyone in the city and beyond. I want to personally thank you for signing up to receive email newsletters from us.

Our newsroom is guided by our mission to provide journalism and civic engagement opportunities, enabling citizens and institutions to build a better city in which to live, work, and play. We aim to go beyond simply reporting the news; we want our readers to be deeply engaged and motivated to build a better San Antonio.

We are financially supported by readers like you, who we call members. Members enter a community of civic-minded individuals and organizations who value our work and want to see it continue. As you become more familiar with us, I invite you to think about how much trusted, local journalism is worth to you. Is it worth $10 or $15 a month? $250 or $500 a year?

Whatever you decide, I hope you see the value the San Antonio Report provides you. Will you consider joining others in the community by donating to become a San Antonio Report member today?

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Welcome to the San Antonio Report community.


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Angie Mock
Publisher and CEO