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Mother Jones Welcome Email 2022

Mother Jones Welcome Email 2022

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February 10, 2022

Welcome, and a special offer

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San Francisco, CA

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I’m delighted you recently signed up to receive Mother Jones’ email newsletters, and hope you’ll find our reporting valuable.

Mother Jones was founded as a nonprofit magazine in 1976 because we knew corporations and billionaire owners wouldn’t fund the type of hard-hitting journalism we set out to do.

Back then, the mainstays of advertising revenue for magazine publishers were booze, tobacco, and car companies—and they did not care to have their ads appear next to deep dives about exploding Ford Pintos or how tobacco companies were trying to snuff out anti-smoking efforts. Investigative journalism that reveals how power works was going to need support from readers if it was going to survive.

Today, we’re an independent news outlet that combines in-depth reporting with 24/7 breaking news coverage. Unrelenting, investigative reporting is vital for our democracy, and we focus on bringing much-needed facts and sharp analysis to the critical issues of the day. We drill deep into the stories that take time to get right and that advertising revenue alone would never pay for. And our (beautiful) print magazine, still going strong, features some of our biggest investigations. (You can learn more, including why we’re named Mother Jones, in our frequently asked questions or by visiting MotherJones.com.)

Enough about us. Readers like you are what make MoJo possible.

Our mission to produce journalism that makes a difference, so when you see something from Mother Jones that your friends should read, please forward our emails and share our stories on social media.

Finally, since you’re brand new to our community, I have a special offer for you. You can try a year’s worth of Mother Jones magazine for the low rate of just $12. (If you’d prefer to mail your payment, just send it along to P.O. Box 8539, Big Sandy, TX 75755.)

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Being a nonprofit means we rely on support from readers. We don’t have a corporate parent company or well-heeled investors calling the shots around here, and we’re not beholden to advertisers. That’s really important for the type of aggressive journalism we do, and subscribing to our magazine is one of the best ways to support us and strengthen independent media—plus you get six issues (a full year) of our award-winning magazine for less than a dollar a month.

[Image of Mother Jones magazine cover with an illustration of a megaphone on a black background. Emerging from the bell of the megaphones is a red silhouette of a face. The copy reads “Roe Reversal”.

It’s good to know you’re with us. Never in my lifetime has our country been so in need of investigative journalism. Whether through our newsletters, our magazine, our podcast, or our posts on Facebook or Twitter, I’m so glad you’ve joined the MoJo community.

Thanks for reading,

Monika Bauerlein, CEO
Mother Jones