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Long Beach Post Welcome Email 2022

Long Beach Post Welcome Email 2022

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February 10, 2022

Thanks for joining the Long Beach Post community

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Long Beach, CA

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Thank you for registering with the Post, your source for everything about Long Beach!

You’re obviously here because you want to stay informed and connected. That’s why you read us, share our stories and support our work. But in the midst of breaking news and special projects, we realize that we may not have formally introduced ourselves to you or informed you of our mission. We’re hoping to correct that and would like to take the opportunity now to let you know who we are.

About us

The Long Beach Post is a daily, digital-first publication. Rethinking how Long Beach — the second-largest city in Los Angeles County — should be covered, the belief is that Long Beach, just like every other community, deserves a publication that is essential to its readers — a publication that holds leaders to account, one that is locally owned and operated by a company that continues to invest in the growth of the publication and community, one that binds the city together and calls its residents to action.

Founded in 2007, the Post is now the largest newsroom in the city thanks to the investment in journalism made under current ownership since 2018. With over a dozen editors and reporters, we cover breaking news, local politics, life, arts & culture, LGBTQ+ issues and sports in the greater Long Beach area.

Read our full history on our transparency portal here.

Support us

Businesses today have many more advertising options than they did before the age of social media. The advertising dollars that once kept publications running are not the same today, which is why we also rely on contributions from readers who believe in the community and the role journalism plays in strengthening it. Neighbors like you provide nearly one-third of our overall funding, and all their contributions go straight back into the newsroom to fund reporter jobs and special projects to pursue our mission of providing Long Beach with vital, fact-based reporting.

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The Long Beach Post is a for-profit company, therefore contributions made directly to our general fund are not tax deductible.

Thanks as always for your continued readership and support.
With gratitude,

Long Beach Post Team

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