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Kansas City Beacon NewsMatch Kick Off Email

Kansas City Beacon NewsMatch Kick Off Email

Date received:
November 1, 2022

Here. We. Go!

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Matched donations kick off TODAY!

Kansas City, MO

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Dear Reader,

As a reader of The Kansas City Beacon, you already know that we prioritize truth over profits. Our reporters work tirelessly to produce public service journalism that you can trust. This is essential work, especially these days, and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of community members like you.

That’s why we’re excited to share that we have an opportunity to make your donation go even further this year. We’ve received a commitment for a $15,000 matching grant.

Here’s how it works.

Starting TODAY—through December 31— all new monthly donations will be matched 12 times. One-time gift will be doubled.

Your support will help keep us going strong. If you believe in the work we’re doing in Kansas City, will you give today to double the impact of your donation?

Yes, I support The Kansas City Beacon!

News for people, not for profit. Support our reader-funded newsroom. Give now.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Hack Wolf
Interim Publisher
The Beacon

P.S. Please help us spread the word! Do you have friends and colleagues who share your commitment to supporting journalism like ours? Forward this email to them (and thank you in advance!).