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Documented Early Arrival Welcome Email 2022

Documented Early Arrival Welcome Email 2022

Date received:
October 27, 2022

Welcome to Early Arrival!

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Hello from the Documented Team

New York NY

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You have now joined a growing community of people who care about how New York life is changing for immigrant communities. Starting today, you will receive easily-digestible summaries and analysis of immigration news straight in your inbox every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Since we launched Early Arrival, back in 2018, we have learned a lot about curating and producing a newsletter that our readers value. Here’s what our readers are saying:
“I don’t know any resource as good as Early Arrival in the immigration community.”
“One thing I like about Early Arrival is that it has a lot of good information, and I find myself reading it more often.”
“I do a lot of know-your-rights stuff when people are engaging with ICE, and so the newsletter helps me to know the issues I should be focused on or helping people in.”

Here’s what you can expect. Our newsletter writer, Fisayo Okare, will be in your inbox with:
Original reports from Documented, including community-powered investigative stories from our WhatsApp channel,
A roundup of NYC policy news,
Immigration news from Washington DC and across the country,
Invitations to virtual and in-person events,
An analysis of the latest news and data about immigrant communities.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any feedback at info@documentedny.com; we’d love to hear from you. And invite your friends to also subscribe here!

See you soon,
The Documented team