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Daily Skimm Welcome Email 2022

Daily Skimm Welcome Email 2022

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February 10, 2022

Pleased to meet you

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We’re so excited you’re here. Get ready to live your smartest life.

New York, NY

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We’re so excited you’re here. Click here for pro-tips to make sure we end up in your inbox each A.M. And here’s what to expect:

We Skimm the world…
It all starts with the Daily Skimm. We’ll see you in your inbox tomorrow morning, or Monday if it’s the weekend. If that’s too far from now, here’s the latest news to tide you over.

Plus, every Thursday, our podcast “Skimm This” breaks down the most complicated stories of the week and gives you the context on why they matter. Check us out in your podcast feed.

We Skimm your life…
We break down the complicated topics when it comes to your career, your health, and your wallet.



  • 9 to 5ish with theSkimm Your go-to career podcast, no matter where you are on the ladder.
  • Skimm Well Resources to take action on things that can give you peace of mind (and body).
  • Skimm Money Tips to help you live your smartest and best (financial) life. Plus, a newsletter that breaks down how the week’s headlines could affect your wallet.
  • Skimm Your Life Everything from book recs to the products we love. And our Skimm Your Life newsletter to help you spend your time well.
  • theSkimm App For when you want to take our relationship to the next level. It syncs with your calendar and gives you the heads up on upcoming events you’ll want to know about. Get it on iOS.

We Skimm together…
Ready to live smarter? Good things happen when you share theSkimm. Sharing means things like receiving an invitation to become a Skimm’bassador, and getting some Skimm swag. To ensure you earn credit for sharing, don’t forget to use your unique link: [removed]

See you tomorrow morning,

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