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Long Beach Post Daily Newsletter 2022

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November 1, 2022

Access to doulas remains challenging for parents of color

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Plus, how Measure E would rework police oversight in Long beach

Long Beach, CA

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What is Measure E? It would rework police oversight in Long Beach
By Jason Ruiz
The move to strengthen police accountability in Long Beach began after George Floyd’s murder, but there’s debate over whether voting for Measure E achieves that goal.
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Awareness, affordability remain challenges for parents of color to access doulas
By Tess Kazenoff
For people of color, access to doulas remains limited due to a lack of awareness and a lack of affordability, even as they can help both to prevent bad outcomes and to ease what’s often an understandable distrust in the health care system.
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Crime + Public Safety
Man convicted of murdering liquor store clerk who chased him down during theft

Long Beach contracts out for concealed-weapon permit process; many details remain unclear
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Long Beach Airport came as close as ever to pre-pandemic passenger volumes in September
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Historic F1 cars will return to this year’s Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach
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Everyone wants a piece of Creative Cakery this Holiday Season
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