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CT Mirror Welcome Email 2022

CT Mirror Welcome Email 2022

Date received:
February 9, 2022

Thank You for Making CT Mirror a Daily Habit

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Hartford, CT

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I’m Bruce Putterman, CEO and Publisher of The Connecticut Mirror.

I’m writing to thank you for subscribing to our newsletter, introduce myself, and give you a little background on who we are.

The Connecticut Mirror, an independent, nonprofit, non-partisan news organization, was launched in 2010 by a small group of residents who were concerned about the decline in local journalism in our state.

Since then, the need for journalism that informs residents about public policy and holds government accountable is greater than ever.

The Connecticut Mirror has a staff of 13 full-time journalists. Together, they cover the state budget, economic development, education, health care, justice, housing, the environment, legislation, and politics, bringing you deep dives and new perspectives that you won’t find elsewhere.

In my role as Publisher, I secure resources and provide the support to help reporters focus on stories that matter. I work closely with our editor, Beth Hamilton, who directs CT Mirror’s day-to-day editorial coverage.

But my real purpose is to engage you as an active member of the CT Mirror family.

You can start by visiting www.CTMirror.org, where you’ll discover original content every weekday. Submit an opinion to our “CT Viewpoints” op-ed section featuring points of view from readers like you on topics that affect our communities and our state. Email any news tips you have to tips@ctmirror.org.

Most important, if you have any feedback, questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact me by replying to this email.

I look forward to your feedback and to meeting you at a CT Mirror event sometime soon. Thanks again for joining the CT Mirror community.

All The Best,
Bruce S. Putterman
CEO / Publisher
The Connecticut Mirror
(O) 860-218-6380
(C) 860-614-1419