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How to organize your Mailchimp Audience to make Groups, Tags, and Segments useful


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Ever feel like there’s got to be a better way to manage your Mailchimp contacts?

Mailchimp keeps telling you about all these new features for managing your contacts and meeting people where they are, but it’s not clear how you actually do that.

Here are some questions I hear all the time:

  • “Should this new newsletter be a new audience?”
  • “Why aren’t our automated renewal emails sent to the right people with the right information?”
  • “How do I set up a segment I can use regularly?”

Mailchimp offers a wide array of integrations and organizational tools. Unfortunately, it’s pretty easy to turn it into the digital equivalent of a kitchen junk drawer.

The problem is, once things start getting cluttered, it’s easy to get lost and discouraged. This keeps you from getting your money’s worth from Mailchimp, which ain’t cheap.

Even worse, if you are running multiple audiences, this problem may cost you more than you should be paying.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You have used tags in the past, but the tags get messier and more complicated to manage each year.

You want to set up automated renewal emails but aren’t sure how to leverage that data in Mailchimp.

You know personalization is powerful for building engaged, loyal audiences, but you aren’t sure how to get Mailchimp to work that way.

I can teach you to how to organize Mailchimp data, so you can send more effective emails.

Building a standardized data framework is the key to getting Mailchimp to work for you. After Untangle Mailchimp, you’ll have:

  • A structure for organizing your current data.
  • A framework for bringing new data into Mailchimp.
  • A better understanding of how to segment and send personalized messages.

This training will give you a reliable method for knowing when to use Audiences, Groups, Tags, Custom Fields, and Segments.

Most online courses are junk. Here’s why this one is great:

Sure, I could have thrown together a self-guided email course and sold it for $19. The problem is, most of those courses never get started, much less finished.

Secondly, I’ve worked with quite a few newsrooms. They have different needs and tech stacks. An email course won’t get specific enough to be worthwhile for a modern publisher.

Untangle Mailchimp costs more than a free course. Here’s the difference: I’m asking you* to invest $200 in my training, because I’m invested in your success.

*Your boss. Your company should pay for this. The whole team will benefit.

Here’s what you get with Untangle Mailchimp:

  • One-hour live training with me, you, and a colleague if you like.
  • Recording of the training + reference handouts
  • 30-minute follow-up call to check-in and answer questions to help you keep going.

This is a live training. You can ask questions. We can over things again to clarify. You can’t do that with a cheap course.

I’ll show you a framework for organizing your Mailchimp data during our training. This framework digs into why, not how.

The why is essential because once you learn why, you can apply the framework to the data you want to bring into Mailchimp.

“What if my data doesn’t fit the framework?”

I know that plans aren’t perfect. You’ll learn to avoid common problems when your data doesn’t fit the framework. I’ve worked with plenty of publishers to get the data they had work for them in this exact same situation.

“Can I bring a colleague?”

Sure, bring a +1. If you want to have more than two participants, shoot me an email.

Ready to get started?

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100% Money Back Guarantee

After our initial session, I’ll refund your payment if you don’t feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth. Try getting that from a free course!